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Don’t let aches and pains take away from your quality of life. At Chesapeake Chiropractic, you can have peace of mind in a successful and supported recovery.

Whether you had an accident and need extensive physical therapy or are suffering from leg, back, neck, or joint pain, we are here to help.

Every patient is treated as a friend and with a personalized approach. Dr. Michael Liang has dedicated his livelihood to helping those who have lost enjoyment of life due to pain regain that fulfillment and prevent the pain from returning.

Dr. Michael Liang

His Path To Chiropractics

Dr. Michael Liang was raised in Salisbury, Maryland, and graduated from Bennett High School in 1992. Liang received his Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Maryland at College Park. He then matriculated into Davenport, IA, the birthplace of chiropractic, and graduated in 2002. To graduate from Palmer College with a Doctorate in Chiropractic requires ten semesters of rigorous classroom and hands-on training, averaging over 25 credit hours per semester.

A student’s first two years consist of multiple science courses in pathophysiology, spinal anatomy, and neurology. Two national boards evaluate the students’ knowledge of “basic sciences” during this time. The following years consist of clinical and hands-on training in adjusting and performing neurological, orthopedic, and x-rays analysis. An additional two national board exams are taken to evaluate these skills.

What Sets Dr. Liang Apart

Dr. Liang believes in treating the body as a whole, where one area will affect all areas. He prefers to do manual manipulation and is trained in a variety of techniques. These techniques include Activator, Palmer Package, Diversified, and Gonstead. Dr. Liang also has physical therapy privileges in the state of Maryland. By having multiple techniques at his disposal, Dr. Liang can find which techniques his patient responds best to. He also prescribes a stretching and exercising routine to complement his treatments and improve his patients’ overall health.

Dr. Liang is active in the community and volunteers his time with a civic organization. He has won several awards, which include Director of the Year and the Armbruster Award 2005. Dr. Liang is also active in the Salisbury Area Chamber of Commerce. He is a member of Business Networking International and has held several positions in the group. Dr. Liang has also been a member of the Associated Chiropractic Association.

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