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Dr. Michael Liang’s Philosophy

At Chesapeake Chiropractic, Dr. Michael Liang provides comprehensive chiropractic care with a special approach. His philosophy is to never force a subluxation to go before the body is ready for it. Dr. Liang truly listens to the body gradually instead of pushing it overboard before the body is ready. While also working on the muscles, this approach makes it easier for the patient to adjust and achieve comfort.

Applying Our Philosophy


When the vertebraes are misaligned, this causes additional stress on the body, specifically the muscles, vertebral discs, and nerves. These stresses usually cause other problems in the body which will give feedback on the original subluxation. To break this cycle, chiropractors adjust the bones that are subluxated which allows the body to return to a homeostasis.

In addition, part of Dr. Liang’s treatment involves working on the muscular aspect also. Many times treating both the bone and muscle will provide much more satisfactory recovery as they go hand in hand.

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Listening To The Body
Through Hands-on Care

Dr. Liang utilizes a hands-on technique when applying his philosophy to chiropractic treatment. Most of the adjustments he makes are made by hand to correct the subluxation. He believes he can better receive feedback from the body, which helps him provide better treatment. Your treatment is determined from figuring out what exactly your specific body needs.

Working the muscles is another important aspect of his treatment. By combining several techniques, he can get the muscle to relax, allowing less force and longer hold adjustments. Through exercises and stretching, the muscles can return to normal function. Although it is vital, this part of the treatment is usually the longest and toughest than the adjusting portion. To provide proper recovery and maintenance, all parts of the treatment must be completed.

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